Chiropractic services

What can Chiropractic Care do for you?

We offer complete chiropractic care from acute pain relief and corrective care, right through to overall wellness maintenance. Focusing on the whole body’s health, we use gentle, effective techniques so you can be the best expression of yourself.

We employ a range of techniques to ensure your spine is moving, and working, to its best but it doesn’t stop there. We also look at your diet, sleep, exercise and stressors to get your body functioning at its best on a wholistic level.

Conditions we may be able help with:

 – Headaches and Migraines
 – Scoliosis
 – Lower back pain
 – Hip pain
 – Whiplash
 – Injury prevention
 – Restricted movement patterns
 – Neck pain – Text Neck
 – Shoulder pain
 – Postural stress
 – Arthritis
 – Overuse injuries
 – Sport related injuries
 – Strains and sprains

Meet Dr Lucy Cleary

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Science , Curtin University. B.Ed
Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University Marietta Georgia USA Magna Cum Lauda, D.C

With over 20-years experience in Chiropractic care, I’m passionate about helping people get their health back on track. I work wholistically, looking beyond the symptoms to find and treat the root cause of your issues.

Centre facilities

You’ll find us located on the first level with easy access available via the lift.

Ample parking is available across the road just next to the tennis courts.

Disabled toilets are available for patient use.