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Our specialist team provides a wholistic approach to your care. With a focus on whole-body health when treating pain and dysfunction, we dig deep beneath the symptoms to find the root cause of your issues.

Lucy Cleary Chiropractor

With over 20 years experience in Chiropractic care, I’m passionate about helping people get their health back on track. I work wholistically, looking beyond the symptoms to find and deal with the root cause of your issues.

I’m dedicated to the health and wellness of my community and am constantly searching for new, innovative ways to improve the health and…

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Jolene Carpenter Naturopath

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and experiencing first-hand the healing benefits of naturopathy, I decided to study Naturopathy at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine.

I worked for five years in a health store, while being mentored by a naturopathic legend, before accepting the exciting opportunity to join the Hillarys Chiropractic and Wellness Professionals group.

When I’m not…

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My interest in the benefits of massage began when I was participating in many long distance running events. Massage helped me to recover from strenuous training sessions and injury as well as making me more aware of my body and mind.
I am passionate about providing quality treatments for my clients, working together to achieve positive health outcomes specific to…

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