What can naturopathy do for you?

Using alternative and complementary measures, naturopathy can improve your health and wellbeing, without unpleasant side-effects.

Naturopathic techniques can provide significant relief from symptoms, plus your naturopath will go a step further, identifying underlying imbalances and getting to the source of the problem.

Drawing on the known abilities of natural substances, such as herbs and nutrients, your naturopath will develop a realistic and wholistic plan, to specifically address your individual imbalances.

Conditions we can help with

– Fatigue
– Poor Sleep
– Stress & Anxiety
– Low Motivation
– Pre-Menstrual and Menstrual Symptoms
– Post-Pill Acne
– Headaches & Migraines
– Body Composition
– Skin Rashes and Hives
– Chronic Respiratory Symptoms
– Digestive Discomfort
– Constipation
– Candida Overgrowth
– Immune Support

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

We’ll discuss realistic and sustainable advice for tweaking food, drink and routine habits to your advantage. This is your life, and you’re a grown-up, so changes are made at the pace you choose.

We’ll also explain why small, gradual dietary and lifestyle modifications can work in your specific case, which can be a great incentive.

You’ll have the wonderful option of the 600 Foods Plan, which identifies incompatible items, making it the most comprehensive and personalised food plan available.

Consultation & Assessment

A consultation typically takes an hour, giving us the time to properly learn about your health history, your concerns and your goals.

Gaining a wholistic view of your unique situation is they key to naturopathic care. The number of consults attended depends largely on the complexity of the case, but is at your own discretion.

Working alongside your current GP or specialist, we can interpret your previous pathology and test results from a different perspective and, where applicable, blood, urine, saliva or hair samples may be arranged to assist your assessment.

Centre facilities

You’ll find us located on the first level with easy access available via the lift.

Ample parking is available across the road just next to the tennis courts.

Disabled toilets are available for patient use.